Shipyard Products

Our Shipyard Products Include:

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UPNOVR offers many types of gangways to meet your requirements. In addition to our gangways that are fabricated to Navy drawings we also offer commercial (light and heavy duty) gangways with a variety of options available.

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Ladder Treads

Our ladder treads are manufactured to the most rigorous Navy specifications and are used as a direct replacement for worn out treads on existing shipboard inclined ladders and accommodation ladders.

Batten/Grating Products Thumbnail


Like our ladder treads, battens and grating are manufactured to Navy specifications. Our battens and grating are available in virtually any style desired, and as such, are sure to meet even the most demanding requirements.

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UPNOVR, Inc manufactures and fabricates those shipboard items that sometimes seem impossible to find. Call us to day to discuss your requirements, and we can set up a strategy for getting you exactly the items you need.

Shipyard Products

UPNOVR offers and extensive line of shipyard products that range from ships ladders, gangways, treads, battens, grating and other miscellaneous shipyard products. In addition to our standard shipyard products, UPNOVR also offers custom fabrications to meet your individual specifications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements. All of UPNOVR’s products are available for new construction or repair markets. Our customers include shipyards, government agencies, joiners and the fleet direct.

UPNOVR is a respected leader in the shipyard product industry as we have a broad spectrum of capabilities that include:
• Fabrication
• Machining
• Stamping/Metal Forming

 When you choose to purchase your shipyard products through UPNOVR, you can be assured by our commitment to the highest quality products as we are continuously evaluating our Quality Management System. This ensures our customers receive the utmost satisfaction by delivering quality products on time and within specification.