Boatswain’s Chair

Boatswain Chair – Part No. BC-100

UPNOVR Boatswain’s chairs (BC-100) are manufactured by UPNOVR in accordance with the product specification 2090-00-287-3613 with dimensions standard per the drawing. 

The Boatswain’s chairs are designed to be used for exterior applications on a ship in an effort to provide the user with easier access to maintenance. When a working platform is not practical, the BC-100 can be used to sit on while working at heights or over the side of a ship. The UNPOVR Boatswain’s chairs feature a durable oak seat with rounded edges for safety. Our BC-100 model is fabricated from ash hardwood. Ash wood is ideal for this application due to its durability, light weight, strength, and resistance to scratches and dents. The Boatswain’s chair is also designed with a 4 point suspension and a securing link for the seat’s stability.

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Whenever requesting a quote for boatswain’s chairs, customers only need to specify the quantity they require due to the fact that they are of standard size. Reach out to us today to receive a quote or place an order! We look forward to you becoming a part of our satisfied customers.

Boatswain Chair
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Height: N/A

Width: N/A

Length: N/A

Material: N/A

Manufactured To: 804-860041 REV. D-D

Type/PC. No. Type E

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