Double Rung

Double Rung Vertical Ladder – Part No. DR-100

Vertical ladders by UPNOVR, Inc. are available in a variety of materials, including wire rope. We fabricate and ship our products anywhere in the world to meet your timeline requirements. UPNOVR products can be ordered by and shipped to supply centers, ship yards, and the fleet directly.

DR-100 double rung ladders are manufactured in accordance with NAVSEA drawing 805-1363660 and can be used in a variety of shipboard applications. Unlike our other vertical ladders available, the double rung ladder is offered in aluminum only.

As part of the order process for a double rung ladder, you will need to specify the ladder’s width, as well as its length. In order to determine the length of the ladder, it is necessary to take a measurement from end to end of the stringer.

Dung Rung Vertical Ladder
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Height: Customer Specify

Width: Customer Specify (24″ max.)

Length: N/A

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: N/A

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