Accommodation Ladder

Accommodation Ladder Navy – Part No. AC-500L

The UPNOVR Navy accommodation ladders (AC-500LFN) are manufactured in accordance with the BUSHSHIP 804 & 805 series drawings and are designed for a variety of Navy applications. We design accommodation ladders to be used as a portable device rather than a fixed solution. The AC-500LFN are crafted to allow for users to climb into or out of the vessel with relative ease. In addition to being available for military applications, we also offer Navy accommodation ladders suitable for commercial use. 

UPNOVR constructs our accommodation ladders from premium lightweight aluminum components to ensure durable, longevity, and virtually no maintenance. We manufacture both feathering and fixed curve versions of our AC-500LFN accommodation ladders in order to best meet your needs.

We supply a wide range of replacement parts available for accommodation ladders, including treads, pins, bushings, tread assemblies, ladder assembly components, etc. We also offer folding handrails, lower platforms, and rollers as optional items to complete the set. From davit sockets to lower platforms, UPNOVR has all of your accommodation ladder and system solutions.

When ordering, please make sure to select the proper drawing from the list below that fits your necessary length. The length can be determined by counting the number of treads on it. If you have special requirements, feel free to contact UPNOVR.

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Height: N/A

Width: 24″or 30″

Length: Customer Specify

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: BUSHIPS 804 & 805 SERIES N/A

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