Bail Bracket

Bail Bracket – Part No. BB-500

UPNOVR, Inc. manufactures bail brackets (BB-500) in compliance with the drawings and specifications from the BUSHIP 804 and 805 series. Our bail brackets are used as part of a rigging system to stabilize the gangways into a stowage position when the ship is in route, as well as lower the gangway into a usable position.

We fabricate our BB-500 bail brackets with high quality aluminum materials to ensure durability, longevity, and virtually no maintenance. The bail brackets are sold in sets of two, which includes one upper and one lower bracket. As part of our service, we fabricate bail brackets to fit new accommodation ladders, as well as replace the ones that are already in use. During the ordering process, please make sure that you choose the appropriate drawing from the list below and select the proper width (24″ or 30″) necessary for your application. 

UPNOVR provides a variety of products to meet the needs of both marine and construction customers. We design and manufacture all of the components needed for your access solution. Our standard BB-500 bail bracket model fits most typical applications. However, we can customize our products to meet your exact specifications. Reach out to us today for expert help on finding your perfect access solution!

Bail Bracket
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Height: N/A

Width: 24″or 30″

Length: Customer Specify

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: BUSHIPS 804 & 805 SERIES N/A

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