Bulwark Ladder

Bulwark Ladder – Part No. BL-100

UPNOVR designs a variety of shipyard products to best meet your access solution needs. The BL-100 Bulwark Ladders by UPNOVR are used in conjunction with a gangway to give users access to the ship’s deck from the bulwark in a safe and durable manner. We crafted these ladders from durable, high-quality aluminum materials in an all welded construction.

UPNOVR provides bulwark ladders for a variety of applications within the industrial and marine industries. For added safety, the BL-100 ladder includes removable handrails and non-slip stair treads. With standard 24” length treads, we manufacture the bulwark ladder treads to have a 6” width with a 9” width top tread. UPNOVR designs the BL-100 ladders with a focus on durability, longevity, and low maintenance cost to guarantee customer satisfaction within all industries.

Designed for easy installation, UPNOVR manufactures our bulwark ladders to fully meet your needs and measurements of your ship. In addition to our standard models, UPNOVR offers the service of customization for all of our products. We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for you. When requesting a quote or placing an order, please specify the height needed for your application. If you have any questions or want to discuss your requirements, please contact us today!

Bulwark Ladders
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Height: Customer Specify

Width: 24″

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: N/A

Type/PC. No. N/A

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