Ladder Chute Assembly

Ladder Chute Assembly- Part No. LC-100

Aluminum ladder chutes are available by UPNOVR, Inc. in a variety of sizes. UPNOVR products are manufactured and shipped anywhere in the world to meet your requirements by the dates specified by you. The products can be ordered online and are available for delivery to supply centers, shipyards, and the fleet directly.

Our LC-100 aluminum inclined ladder chutes are designed and manufactured from aluminum alloy material and offered in a smooth or non-skid surface, in compliance with the specifications of 805-1749080. Our ladder chute assembly is designed with convertible steps/flaps to allow for easy transportation of cargo off of the ship, as well as to give the ability to limit access onto the ship.

When placing and order or requesting a quote, pease indicate the existing ladder width, deck height, as well as the angle from vertical when ordering or requesting a quote for aluminum LC-100 ladder chute. To determine the necessary vertical length, measure the distance from the top of the stringer flange to the nose on the second tread from the bottom. 

As an option, folding legs and rollers (detail C or E) are available as items that can be added to the ladder chute assembly. Additionally, there are ladder chutes available as an add-on item for the IL-101 inclined ladders. As a leading manufacturer, UPNOVR offers standard models of their products to meet your typical needs. Nevertheless, we also provide the service of customization in order to meet your needs exactly. Reach out to us today for expert advice and premium customer satisfaction.



Inclined Ladder Chute Assembly
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Height: Customer Specify

Width: Customer Specify

Length: N/A

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: 805-1749080

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