Grating Deck Heavy Duty

Grating Deck Heavy Duty – Part No. GR-127

Heavy duty deck grating (Type II) by UPNOVR, Inc. is available in aluminum. We fabricate and ship our grating anywhere in the world to meet your requirement dates. UPNOVR products can be ordered by and shipped to supply centers, ship yards, and the fleet directly.

Heavy duty aluminum grating (UPNOVR part GR-127) is manufactured to the requirements of MIL-G-18015. This style grating features 6” width and 5 rows of non-skip surface. Heavy duty grating has a design load of 300 pounds per square foot.

Overhead and deck grating are combined with our telescopic battens to form a complete shoring system for bulk storerooms. If you require telescopic battens please see our Battens page.

***Note, if multiple sizes are required please contact UPNOVR directly***

***Other punch styles may be available. Please contact UPNOVR to discuss your requirements***

Heavy Duty Deck Grating
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Height: 1″

Width: 6″

Length: Up to 26′

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: MIL-G-18015

Type/PC. No. IV

Loading: Approx. 300 PSF

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