Davit – Part No. DV-100

UPNOVR manufactures davits (DV-100) and davit sockets in compliance with the drawing 83-1645271 of the BUSHIP series. As part of an accommodation ladder system, we design these products to be used to raise and move gangways with the bridle assembly. As an industry leader in the fabrication of building and marine products, UPNOVR manufactures DV-100 and davit sockets from high quality materials to ensure durability, longevity, and virtually no maintenance necessary.

Depending on your needs, our davit and davit sockets can be manufactured from either steel or aluminum components. UPNOVR davits can be manufactured to a max length of 60” and a max height of 96”. Additionally, we craft these products to fit a variety of working loads, anywhere from 500 to 2500 pounds, in order to fit a range of applications. 

We offer these products to be purchased individually or along with an accommodation ladder system. If you are in need of a davit socket, as well as the davit, please specify upon making the request. When requesting a quote or placing an order, please be sure to select your desired material type, the working load, and the outreach dimensions. Contact us today to get your questions answered by our experts!

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Height: N/A

Width: N/A

Length: Customer Specify

Material: Steel/Alumimum

Manufactured To: BUSHIPS 804 & 805 SERIES N/A

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