Lower Platform

Accommodation Ladder Lower Platform – Part No. AC-500LP

Our lower platforms (AC-500LPN) are manufactured according to BUSHIP 804 and 805 series drawings. During the order process, please make sure that you choose the appropriate drawing from the following list and select the correct width (18″ or 24″).

UPNOVR, Inc fabricates lower platforms for applications in the commercial sector, as well. We can also supply individual parts for our lower platforms, such as boat fenders, stanchions, handrails, shell bumpers, etc. If you would like a quote, please include the width of your existing accommodation ladder with your request. Please contact UPNOVR if you have any specific requirements.

Lower Platform Ladder
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Height: N/A

Width: 24″or 30″

Length: N/A

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: BUSHIPS 804 & 805 SERIES N/A

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