Our Miscellaneous Products Include:

Boatswain Chair Thumbnail

Boatswain Chair

Manufactured to 2090-00287-3613.

Bulwark Ladder Thumbnail

Bulwark Ladder

Use to provide safe access from bulwark. All-aluminum construction.

Deck Track thumbnail

Deck Track

Deck Track certified to 521-2522604.

Fiberglass Grating Panel Thumbnail

Fiberglass Grating Panel

Fiberglass panels have a variety of shipboard applications.

Miscellaneous Shipyard Products

UPNOVR manufactures a variety of marine products to meet all of your access needs, such as Bulwark Ladders, Deck Tracks, and Grating Panels. In addition to our typical products, UPNOVR manufacturers and offers high quality products to meet your access solutions. These products, listed below, can be ordered by and shipped directly to supply centers, shipyards, and the fleet directly as per their requirements. With dimensions standard per drawing, the BC-100 Boatswain Chair features a durable oak seat with a securing link for seat stability. Due to standard sizing, specify the quantity of boatswain chairs needed.

The Bulwark Ladders are designed to give users access to the ship’s deck from the bulwark in a safe and durable manner. We manufacture our aluminum bulwark ladders  with high quality hand rails and a bulwark clip. Designed with a standard tread width of 24”, this ladder also includes non-slip 6” treads on the bottom and 9” treads on top.

The UPNOVR Deck Tracks are manufactured from durable extruded aluminum for use as a cargo and weapon storage system. These deck tracks are used to protect stored goods from corrosion, damage, and contamination from water. We manufacture these products to provide you with years of reliable service. Our Fiberglass Grating Panels are offered in both square and rectangular models made from high quality fiberglass. Available in the color gray, these panels include a standard flame spread rating of 10 in accordance with ASTM E-84. Our fiberglass grating panels can be purchased in standard sections of 4’ x 8’. When purchasing, please specify the necessary quantity and height for these panels.

As an organization with many years of experience and a strong reputation in the industry, we are confident that we will be able to handle any of the needs you have. You can find everything you need for your access solutions, from Boatswain’s chairs to grating panels. In the world of building and marine solutions, UPNOVR is the one-stop shop, where you can find everything you need from Boatswain’s chairs to grating panels.

As our customer you will receive:

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