Side Vertical Ladder – Part No. SL-100

Vertical ladders by UPNOVR, Inc. are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel. We fabricate and ship our products anywhere in the world to meet your requirement dates. UPNOVR products can be ordered by and shipped to supply centers, shipyards, and the fleet directly.

Our SL-100 aluminum vertical side ladders are manufactured accordance to 805-1363660. Four-inch, non-slip extruded treads provide a durable footing surface and are standard on vertical side ladders. Rounded handrails extend 3’-6” above the top tread for ease of climb. UPNOVR side ladders ship ready to install and come complete with lug clips, bottom sockets and mushroom plugs.

When ordering or requesting a quote for the SL-100 vertical side ladder please indicate the number of treads (nominal ladder size). Widths are standard at 22-1/4”.

Vertical Side Ladders
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Height: N/A

Width: 22.25″

Length: Customer Specify

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: 805-1363660

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