Gangway Aluminum

Gangway Aluminum – Part No. GB-500F

In order to meet your requirements, UPNOVR manufactures gangways in a variety of materials and with a wide range of options available to choose from. In addition, UPNOVR products can be directly ordered and shipped to supply centers, shipyards, and the fleets located across the globe.

In accordance with NAVSEA drawing 805-1749049 rev. J, the GB-500F gangways are constructed according to the NAVSEA drawings. In addition to their aluminum construction, these gangways have folding handrails that make stowing them very simple. A gunwale clip secures the unit to the ship, while rectangular punched grating offers a durable, non-slip surface on the ship.

This type of gangway construction is designed to be loaded at a rate of 100 pounds per square foot under normal loading conditions. In order to place an order or request a quote, please select one of the standard lengths provided below when ordering.

Aluminum Gangways
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Height: N/A

Width: 24″

Length: Customer Specifiy

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: 805-1749049 rev. J.

Type/PC. No. N/A

Loading: 75 PSF

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