Telescopic Battens

Premium Telescopic Battens

Telescopic battens by UPNOVR, Inc. are available in high-strength aluminum. We fabricate and ship our battens anywhere in the world to meet your requirement dates. UPNOVR products can be ordered by and shipped to supply centers, shipyards, and the fleet directly.

Telescopic battens have a variety of shipboard applications including refrigeration areas, ammo and cargo storage holds. We offer our aluminum battens in both fixed and adjustable versions. Fixed battens (B-600F) are fabricated to 805-1749068. Where application and “A” dimension (see below for information on “A” dimension) remain constant fixed battens offer a good value. Adjustable battens (B-600A) are fabricated to 802-2425891 and offer our customer greater flexibility in application.

Top lugs on both models are round. Bottom lugs are available in round or rectangular.

When ordering or requesting a quote please indicate the “A” dimension and bottom lug preference. “A” dimension refers to the distance between the ceiling grating and floor grating.

Approximately 35 pieces are required for every 100 square feet.

If you require overhead or floor grating please see our Grating page.

Telescopic Battens
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Height: N/A”

Width: N/A

Length: Customer Specify

Material: Aluminum

Manufactured To: 805-1749068/804-2425891

Loading Approx. 35 pcs per 100 sq. ft.

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