Battens and Gratings

Our Battens and Grating Products Include:

Telescopic Battens

Telescopic Battens

Telescopic battens have a variety of shipboard applications including refrigeration areas, ammo and cargo storage holds.

Overhead Gratings

Grating Overhead

Overhead grating (Type IV) is manufactured to the requirements of MIL-G-18015 and drawing 805-2217865.

Light Duty Grating Deck

Grating Deck Light Duty

Light duty aluminum (Type IV) grating is manafactured to the requirements of MIL-G-18015.

Heavy Duty Grating Deck

Grating Deck Heavy Duty

Heavy duty grating (Type II) is manufactured to the requirements of MIL-G-18015.

Interlocking 5 Row Grating Deck

Grating Deck Interlocking 5 Row

PS-100 brow platforms are manufactured accordance from NAVFAC drawings (1404713-17). Interlocking heavy duty aluminum grating (Type II) is manufactured to the requirements of MIL-G-18015 and drawing 804-2425891.

Aluminum Battens and Grating

UPNOVR, Inc. battens and grating are offered in a wide selection of styles that are guaranteed to meet your new construction of repair requirements.

Several styles of aluminum grating in stock including light duty, heavy duty, overhead, and interlocking grating. To meet the needs of our customer our grating is available to our customers in several varieties including:

• 6”x 1” punched plank lengths up 26’-0”
• Complete welded panel ready for ship installation
• Punch styles (grating style specific) offered:
• Rectangular Staggered
• Round Staggered
• Square Upset
• Dogbone


Battens and Grating Manufacturing:

Our battens and gratings are manufactured according to Naval drawings and MIL specifications (see specific product for applicable drawings/specifications) from in stock materials.

In addition to the above products, UPNOVR also offers end banding and bearer bars for pre-fabricated panels or in stock lengths.

Overhead and deck grating are combined with our telescopic battens to form a complete shoring system for bulk storerooms. Our telescopic aluminum battens can be applies to a wide variety of applications.

Aluminum Batten and Grating Products