Roof Access w/ Intermediate Platform

Roof Access w/ Intermediate Platform – Part No. U-390

U-390 Cage Ladder by UPNOVR, Inc. is specifically designed for interior access to a roof hatch or exterior access to the roof and meets the OSHA and ANSI A14.3 standards for safety in the workplace. This product is a roof access ladder that consists of two caged ladders and an intermediate landing platform.

In addition to being manufactured from non-sparking, high-strength materials, the U-390 Box Ladder also has a standard mill finish and is in compliance with ASTM standards. In order to provide sure-footed climbing, our ladder rungs are made from a deep serrated material with a depth of 24”, which is rated for a maximum load capacity of 1,000 pounds. In addition to the ladders themselves, all ladders come standard with wall mounting brackets and are virtually maintenance free. 

UPNOVR designs and manufactures a variety of construction cage ladders to fit most standard building applications. We can fabricate security doors and cage gates, as well as custom fabrication requirements based on your specifications. Our high quality products, consistency, and customer satisfaction has led to our loyal customer base. When requesting a quote or placing an order, please specify the ladder height necessary. For a more detailed explanation, please contact UPNOVR today.

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Roof Access Ladder with Intermediate Platform
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Height: Customer Specify

Width: 24″

Material: Aluminum 6061 – T6

Manufactured To: OSHA & ANSI 14.3

Loading: 1000#/rung

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