Ladder Vertical UPNOVR U-390

Vertical Ladder – U-309

Available for both commercial and industrial buildings applications, the UPNOVR U-390 Roof Access Cage Vertical Ladders are specifically designed to meet or exceed the ASTM, OSHA, and ANSI A14.3 standards. Ideal for exterior roof access or interior roof hatch access, this vertical ladder features a rest platform at midpoint of climb.

The U-390 vertical ladder is manufactured from non-sparking lightweight, high strength aluminum components with a standard mill finish. The Roof Access Cage Vertical Ladder is designed with maximum load capacity of 1,000 pounds. To provide sure-footed climbing, our ladder rungs are made from deep serrated material with a 24″ depth. With a focus on quality, we designed the Roof Access Cage Vertical Ladder to be virtually maintenance free.

UPNOVR provides vertical ladder solutions for a variety of applications to meet your needs. For additional safety measures, we also offer security doors to limit access and fall arrest systems as optional add-on items. Aside from our standard models, we pride ourselves on being able to meet any custom design requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a quote or questions regarding customization.

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