Fiberglass – Inclined Ladders

Fiberglass Inclined Ladder – Part No. IL-105

In addition to aluminum and steel inclined ladders, UPNOVR, Inc. also offers fiberglass inclined ladders. To meet your requirements, we fabricate and ship our products anywhere in the world in order to meet your delivery dates. A wide range of UPNOVR products are available for order and can be shipped directly to supply centers, shipyards, and the fleet of ships.

The IL-105 ladder includes our standard tread with the option of two widths, 21.25” or 24.25”. UPNOVR offers additional items to add to your fiberglass incline ladder, such as premium deck and bulkhead clips. When you are placing an order or requesting a quote for aluminum IL-105 inclined ladders, please take note of the height of the deck and the angle from vertical to ensure optimal results.

Fiberglass inclined ladders are generally utilized on MCM and MHC class ships and in applications that require low magnetic permeability in order to meet the requirements. As per 803-5184099 specifications, our IL-105 inclined ladders are manufactured according to industry standards.

If our standard design models do not fit your specifications, contact us today! We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and craft a custom design for your access solution.

Fiberglass Inclined Ladder
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Height: Customer Specify

Width: 21-1/4” or 24-1/4”

Length: N/A

Material: Fiberglass

Manufactured To: 803-5184099

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