Stair Nosings

Nosing Options

Ultra 1500

Ultra 1500 series nosings are designed for heavy duty use in both interior and exterior applications. Ultra 1500 series include barrier free designs for use in precast or fresh pour concrete stairs or steel pan stairs.

Ultra 2500

The 2500 series nosings are designed for light pedestrian or light wheeled traffic in indoor applications. Epoxy filler provides a complete and uniform coverage over the entire extruded aluminum base.

Ultra 3500

The 3500 series are designed to bring new life to existing worn out stair. Nosings come predrilled with countersunk holes for fast, easy, economical installation over existing stairs.

Stair Nosings

UPNOVR provides multiple different models of non-slip safety nosings in order to fulfill any of our customer’s needs. Regardless of whether you need nosings for interior or exterior applications, pedestrian or wheeled traffic indoors, nosings premade for existing stairs, or new construction stairs UPNOVR has you covered.

Our various nosing options are suited for a multitude of uses including for wheeled traffic, pedestrian traffic, coverage of existing stairs, use in precast or fresh pour concrete stairs, or use in steel pan stairs.

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