Nosing – Ultra 3500

Nosings – Ultra 3500

Our ULTRA 3500 Series aluminum stair nosing repair treads are an excellent product for bringing new life to old, worn out stairs. Available for a variety of applications, UPNOVR repair treads are optimal for interior and exterior stairs on commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings.

We supply our ULTRA 3500 repair treads cut to size and pre-drilled with countersunk holes to assure fast and easy installations over worn out existing stairs. Unless a different color is requested, the aluminum stair nosing treads are provided in our standard design color of black. 

In order to help limit slip and fall accidents, UPNOVR repair treads are manufactured with a non-slip surface to promote safe use of stairs. The Ultra 3500 can be used alongside our other models in order to provide a complete, uniform landing coverage system. As well as being maintenance free, we manufacture the repair treads to be suited for heavy pedestrian traffic areas.

Displayed below, UPNOVR brings you high quality stair nosing repair treads available in 4 width options to meet your needs. Alongside our standard stair nosing repair tread models, we offer the option of customization in order to meet your requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or custom requests!

Specify for:

• Repair or renovation of existing stairs
• Heavy Pedestrian traffic
• Indoor or Outdoor use
• Maintenance Free

3500 Series is provided in 4 widths

• Model: 3504; 4” wide x 5/16” thick.
• Model: 3509; 9” wide x 5/16” thick.
• Model: 3510; 10” wide x 5/16” thick used for landing coverage.
• Model: 3511: 11” wide x 5/16” thick.

Nosing Ultra 3500 Model