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Aluminum Docks

Dockside Marine offers a range of top-quality aluminum docks, which are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. We manufacture our aluminum docks by Dockside Marine using the experience we have gained from designing and supplying aluminum docks to the industry’s most demanding customers, including the United States Navy. Our docks are constructed of 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, which is strong and corrosion-resistant, and are equipped with stainless steel hardware.

As shown below, UPNOVR designs and manufactures aluminum docks in two different versions, floating and pole docks. Ideal for residential and small private owners, our floating docks can withstand light duty 20 psf live loads. Available in aluminum, wood, and wood polymer, this model is crafted to be corrosion resistant, low maintenance, and ease of handling. With the ability to adjust the dock height to your needs, our pole docks are crafted for swallow waters with depths less than 10 feet. These aluminum docks are constructed using aluminum poles with affixed pads attached to the bottom. 

In order to ensure a high level of quality, the docks are manufactured using an ISO-9001 certified quality process, which has led to 100% on-time deliveries and 100% customer satisfaction. Aside from our excellent products, we are proud to offer our clients the ease of doing business, the reliability of our products, the high level of customer service, and the on-time shipment of our products. Contact us today to get expert advice on all of your access solutions!