Pole Docks

Aluminum Pole Docks

As an ideal choice for shallow waters, our aluminum pole docks are perfect for applications where the water depth is less than 10 feet. The pole docks are constructed using aluminum poles with affixed pads attached to the bottom in order to provide optimal performance in the water. In almost any waterfront setting, UPNOVR modular aluminum pole docks will prove to be a great option to meet your marine access solution needs.

UPNOVR pole docks are manufactured according to ISO-9001-certified processes that ensure the quality of the product. In addition to our pole dock models, UPNOVR offers a splice kit in order to make an easy connection between two adjacent dock sections without a hassle. Depending on the dock height requirement, our pole and leg pad assembly or telescoping legs can be used to adjust the necessary dock height.

As one of the leading manufacturers of marine docks, we pride ourselves on the strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and stainless steel hardware that has helped our pole docks stand the test of time. While our standard pole dock models meet most typical applications, UPNOVR provides the option of customization for our pole docks. Reach out to us today for expert customer satisfaction!

Pole Docks Split
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