Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

UPNOVR aims to provide ADA compliant accessibility to homes, buildings, and boats with our aluminum Universal Wheelchair Ramps. A wheelchair ramp system, such as the Universal Ramp System, coupled with its counterpart known as the Universal Stair System, provides wheelchair owners with a low-maintenance accessibility solution that is both safe and effective.

When using our wheelchair ramp system, you will have access to a system that is easy to move and reconfigure throughout your facility as your wheelchair ramp needs change over time. Designed from high quality materials, our Universal Wheelchair Ramps feature a long life cycle, modular aluminum components, and ease of mobility. We manufactured our premium wheelchair ramps to be virtually maintenance free and include a slip resistant grooved aluminum surface. 

UPNOVR dockside marine products are unmatched within the industry due to the high quality, durability, and strength that we guarantee from all of our products. With a variety of hand railing options offered, we can customize the perfect wheelchair ramp to meet your specifications. 

Whether you are in need of a quote or have questions for our experts, contact UPNOVR today for top-of-the-line customer service. You can count on UPNOVR for all your aluminum wheelchair ramp needs!

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