Hatch Access Vertical Ladder – Light

Hatch Access Light Duty Vertical Ladder – Part No. U-100

The U-100 Hatch Access Vertical Ladder by UPNOVR, Inc. is designed to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI A14.3 standards. The U-100 Hatch Access Vertical Ladder is manufactured from non-spark, high-strength materials to applicable ASTM standards, with standard mill finish. Ladder rungs are a standard 18”width, made from deep serrated extruded aluminum for sure-footed climbing. The U-100 Hatch Access Vertical Ladder is a “light-duty” product for areas that require occasional access to roof tops, attics or elevated storage areas, and is designed to install just below a hatch door to assure safe entry and exit. Standard wall mounting brackets are included with all ladders. Use for a hatch height 10’-0” or less.

Security doors and custom fabrication requirements are available options — please contact UPNOVR for further information.

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Light Duty Hatch Access Vertical Ladder
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Height:Customer Specify up to 10 Feet

Width: 18” OR 24”

Material: Aluminum 6061 – T6

Manufactured To: OSHA & ANSI 14.3

Loading: 500#/rung

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