Ladder Vertical UPNOVR U-302

Vertical Ladder – U-302

The U-302 Parapet Access Cage vertical Ladder is designed to provide a more secure climbing environment in hazardous areas. This vertical ladder is manufactured out of aluminum non-spark, high strength components with a standard mill finish, applicable to ASTM standards. With a 1,000 pound loading capacity, this ladder features a high quality walk-through hand railing and a return ladder from the parapet to the roof. The ladder rungs included are a standard width of 24” and crafted from deep serrated materials for sure-footed climbing. Designed with a safety cage, the U-302 vertical ladder cage dimensions conform to the OSHA guidelines. 

In addition to the included standard wall mounting brackets, UPNOVR offers additional safety products to add onto our vertical ladders. Available upon request, we designed security doors and cage gates as an optional added safety measure. Additionally, when placing an order or requesting a quote, please specify the necessary length of the ladder. Our standard parapet access cage vertical ladder will meet most typical applications. However, if you’re looking for a customized ladder, look no further! Reach out to us today to find your perfect access solution.

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