Ladder Vertical UPNOVR U-301

Vertical Ladder – U-301

Well suited for exterior commercial and industrial facility applications, the U-301 Roof Access Cage Vertical Ladder is optimal for roof access where the climb is greater than 24 feet. Featuring a walk-through hand railing, the vertical ladder is manufactured to provide a more secure climbing environment in hazardous areas. Designed with the best practices, the ladder cage dimensions are in accordance with the OSHA guidelines.The U-301 Roof Access Cage Vertical Ladder is manufactured with lightweight non-spark, high-strength materials and completed with a standard mill finish. 

With the ability to be used for deck and mezzanine access, the U-301 vertical ladder is crafted with a 1,000 pound loading capacity. Additionally, the standard ladder rung width is 24” and made from deep serrated materials for sure footed-climbing. Our roof access cage ladder is designed and manufactured to be virtually maintenance free. Apart from our standard model, we can customize our roof access cage ladder to best meet your requirements. Contact us today to receive a quote or expert advice on your next premium access solution!

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