Ladder Vertical UPNOVR U-203

Vertical Ladder – U-203

Optimal for external applications, the U-203 Parapet Access Vertical Ladder with Platform is designed to assure safe entry and exit for various applications, while still meeting or exceeding OSHA and ANSI A14.3 standards. This vertical ladder is used for exterior applications where a parapet is present.

In applications where the step through distance is greater than 12” or a parapet is present, the parapet return ladder provides the users with safe access to the roof from the top of the parapet. Our U-203 vertical ladder consists of a walk-through hand railing, a crossover platform, and a return ladder from the parapet to the roof. Applicable to ASTM standards, we manufacture our U-203 vertical ladders from non-spark, high-strength materials with a standard mill finish.

With 1,000 pound loading capacity, our ladder rungs are available in standard 24” width and made from deep serrated material for sure-footed climbing. From standard models to customization, UPNOVR is your one-stop-shop for marine and building products. If you have any product questions or custom specifications, do not hesitate to contact us for all of your access solutions.

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