Ladder Incline-Ship UPNOVR U-507

Incline Ship Ladder – U-507

The U-507 Swing Up Deck Access Ship Ladder is used for interior commercial and industrial building applications where a typical vertical or inclined ladder can not be mounted. UPOVR manufactured the ship ladders from aluminum light weight, high strength components with a standard mill finish. Counterbalanced with a counter-weight, we manufacture our U-507 ship ladder with a pivot-hinge at the top of the ladder. UPNOVR crafted the swing up deck access ship ladder with a 500 pound loading capacity.

When not in use, the counterweight ladder is designed to be able to swing upward to be stored in a horizontal position on the mezzanine or deck and crafted to be swung down to the lower level for use. As a result, the ladder allows for efficient use of space and improves accessibility for the user. For safe handling, we recommend the ladder angle at 75 degrees when in a usable position. UPNOVR designs and manufactures our ship ladders to meet a variety of applications for both interior commercial and industrial buildings. If our standard U-507 ship ladder model does not fit your needs, we are happy to customize a ladder to best meet your requirements. Contact us today for help on all of your access solutions!

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