Ladder Incline-Ship UPNOVR U-504

Incline Ship Ladder – U-504

The U-504 Mezzanine Access Platform Ship Ladder is ideal for interior and exterior applications for both commercial and industrial buildings. The ship ladder is used for safe access over any obstacle, such as machinery, piping, and duct work. The mezzanine access platform ship ladder features an attached platform to the top of the ladder to provide a safe and easy work area. We design the U-504 ship ladder to be offset from a wall or door in order to provide the user with adequate movement space when climbing or moving around the ladder.

To meet OSHA and ANSI A14.3 standards, UPNOVR designs and fabricates our ship ladders from top-of-time non-spark, high strength materials with a 500 pound loading capacity. In order to assure sure-footing, the UPNOVR standard tread and platforms included on the U-504 ship ladder are a standard width of 24”.

UPNOVR designs and manufactures the mezzanine access platform ship ladder to the ladder angle you specified to use and access requirements. We include standard wall mounting brackets to our standard models. If our standard design models do not meet your requirements, contact us and we can design mezzanine access platform ladders customized to fit your needs. Since we are one of the leading manufacturers in the marine and building industry that provides expert knowledge, customer satisfaction,  and premium products. 

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