Lay Emphasis to the Use of Anti Slip Stair Nosing

If you run a business, own a building or manage any public place then you are bound to make it certain that the constructed stairs are completely safe to use. More or less we all have encountered or seen accidents that happened due to the fall from stairs or slippery stairs. You must not want to encounter such situation where the buyers, visitors or patients get hurt by falling from stairs. Read more »

Know the Standards: OSHA Fall Protection Compliance

Most informed industry professionals are aware that OSHA has emphasized the importance of awareness and compliance to fall protection safety standards that are designed to reduce injury risk and fatalities from falls from heights. What may be less clear to business owners in both construction and general industry is OSHA’s dedication to proactively prosecute violations to the letter of the law. Several recent examples of OSHA’s commitment to fall protection injury prevention have shed light on risk areas for small business owners to be aware of. Read more »

DNV GL Launches Class Standard for Offshore Gangways

DNV GL today published the first industry standard providing guidance on offshore personnel transfer by gangway. DNVGL-ST-0358 will contribute in documenting and securing safe operational performance of offshore gangway solutions and contribute to predictability and transparency within the industry.
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What Is an Accommodation Ladder?

Accommodation ladders are simple pieces of equipment used with many different types of boats and ships. Designed as a portable device rather than a permanent fixture, this type of nautical ladder can be hung over the side of a boat or ship with relative ease, making it possible for passengers to climb into or out of the vessel with relative ease. The dimensions of the accommodation ladder vary, depending on the size of the boat or ship. Read more »


Welcome to the blog page for UPNOVR, Inc.! Please view our brief video above, showing the fine work our team did preparing a 70 foot gangway for delivery to the United States Navy. Check back to the blog each month for the latest in industry news – everything you need to know about ladders, handrails, gangway, brows, docks, truss bridges, ramps, nosings, and ladder treads. Here at UPNOVR, we consider ourselves the experts in these subjects, so check back here often so that we can pass our knowledge onto you!

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When Does a Ladder Require a Cage?

Ladders are something we take for granted; everybody has been on one at some point in their life and is comfortable with how to climb them. Even the ones mounted to the sides of our workplaces are familiar enough that we don’t give a second thought about what might or might not be proper usage. I mean, let’s face it: ladders are pretty simple, right? You’ve got evenly spaced side-rails, evenly spaced rungs and all you need to do is climb up or down. Pretty simple.
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Gangways and Accommodation Ladders

For many people the gangway or accommodation ladder is the first point of contact with a ship. Initial impressions are important, and a properly rigged ladder may be the first indication to a visitor that they are boarding a well run vessel. However, someone obliged to climb a ladder which is unsteady, slippery or unsafe may have formed an unfavorable opinion of the ship and its crew by the time they have reached the top.
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Construction Job Site Safety: Stairway & Ladder Safety Tips

Using ladders and stairways is essential to construction work, especially when working on buildings or bridges with heights that need to be reached.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that there are 24,882 annual injuries due to falls from ladders and stairways.

Over half of these injuries required construction workers to take time off. With the labor shortage, most construction companies cannot afford to have skilled craftsmen taking time off for injuries that could be avoided.

If you’re looking to avoid these kinds of construction safety accidents on your construction jobsite, here are some questions—and answers—to consider:
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